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Silicone pet food bowls mat
Silicone pet food bowls mat
Silicone pet food bowls mat
Silicone pet food bowls mat

Over Silicone pet food bowls Soft Circle protective mat anti-knock spill Factory & Suppliers

Silicone pet food bowls can make pet eat food safe, anti-knock,spill resistance.

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The silicone pad of the silicone pet bowls , bright color, full of jumping color collocation, adds colorful embellishment to the daily pet keeping;

Food grade silicone base, a variety of colors, to create an interesting dining atmosphere for pets。

Non-slip silicone base, so that the cat bowl or dog food bowl is not easy to pour, according to the cat's eating habits, appropriate adjustment Angle, open type design, can be freely matched with more tableware.


The silica gel base 3 is separated from the bowl, which is convenient for daily cleaning, leaving no dead space for cleaning, saving worry and effort.

The strong adsorption capacity of the silicone base, even if placed on the inclined plane can not be displaced, so that the active kitten will not overturn the cat food bowl

Food grade silicone base, licking and biting assured no odor, conscience material, peace of mind guarantee.




Food grade silica gel


High temperature sterilizable


Easy to clean


Strong adsorption force







Xingluan Industrial focus on silicone rubber, plastic products set solutions.Its a set of design, research and development, production and sales services in one of the technical production enterprises, the company has independent mold manufacturing, liquid forming, solid forming, injection molding, die cutting processing, production and assembly workshop.

We have professional engineering and technical team, sophisticated manufacturing process, strict quality inspection process, perfect production equipment and precision testing equipment.

We have passed ISO90001 and ISO14001 system certification, and obtained a number of patent certificates

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