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Magic silicone bath brush massage bath products rub back scrub back brush.

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This Silicone cleanser lets you experience what is really clean skin. The intimate brush head design can wash even the nose wing easily. Now the face feels smooth and tender !

Science and technology clean skin, pores love deep breathing

Remove excess oil, aged cutin and makeup residue

Made of skin-friendly silky silicone, the bristles are suitable for sensitive and acne-prone muscles for long-term use

Shift adjustment, customized multi-effect skin treatment, tailored cleaning procedures for you, to meet a variety of skin needs

Palm size, at any time with transparent luster



Science and technology clean skin, pores love deep breathing


Shift adjustment, customized multi-effect skin treatment


Palm size


Use it multiple times on one charge


Xingluan Industrial focus on silicone rubber, plastic products set solutions.Its a set of design, research and development, production and sales services in one of the technical production enterprises, the company has independent mold manufacturing, liquid forming, solid forming, injection molding, die cutting processing, production and assembly workshop.

We have professional engineering and technical team, sophisticated manufacturing process, strict quality inspection process, perfect production equipment and precision testing equipment.

We have passed ISO90001 and ISO14001 system certification, and obtained a number of patent certificates

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!